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Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Personal Info

Name: Tuka Chalabi
Date of birth: 25 May 1988
Nationality: American
Location: Maryland, USA
Skype: Chalabtt
Phone: (443) 775 – 0706
Email: chalabi@2ka.me
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About Myself

I started my journey providing Twitter followers and Facebook fans with a small pay per click campaign. Moving up through the ranks of internet marketing I then started providing reputation management and website analysis. Building small websites and promoting them. After gaining years of experience and customers I became more comfortable with the back end of how websites work. Now I provide consultation to mid-sized businesses, helping with conversion optimization, PPC management, and search engine optimization.

During the past 2 years my main focus has been on local SEO. By providing professional local SEO consultation and packages I help businesses with SEO audit reports, building and tracking citations, gaining and monitoring reviews, and finally tracking progress and ranking their websites in major search engines.

The knowledge I have acquired over the years has helped me become more effective with internet marketing helping businesses grow and gain more customers with different techniques.


Arckay Business Solutions


2016 - Present

ARCKAY Business Solutions LLC is a corporation that encompasses three different sectors of the internet field. Arckay Marketing, Arckay Branding, and Arckay Development. We offer an array of services tailored to fit all of your internet needs.

Shelby Women Health

Local SEO

2016 - Present

Shelby Women Health Clinic has enhanced its online presence locally and globally with different local SEO, SEM and PPC management techniques.

OX Interior

Lead Generation

2014 - Present

In a fast rapid developing city the competition for top ranking in major search engines in very tough. I have provided OX Interior Design with first page ranking for the past 3 years. Giving them a higher increase in leads, clicks, and conversion rate. This has led to an increase in their business and ROI.

Gold Hair Transplant


2015 - 2015

The health industry in Turkey is very competitive. I helped a start-up health institution make its mark on the industry in Istanbul. Providing them with keyword rich unique professional content enhancing their web presence, giving the company higher rankings and more customers.

Amana Capital

Conversion Analyst

2015 - 2015

Amana Capital is a financial institution based in London with branches in Lebanon and Dubai. The group was looking to rebrand their web presence. The forex market is a very competitive place, with companies always changing their websites trying to make them more appealing and user friendly. I was part of a consultant team that helped Amana Capital make necessary changes to their online website. Giving direction and guidance of the placement of buttons, banners, and text, ensuring that their interface was more user friendly.


Prefeasibility Study

2014 - 2014

IMIC is an international company headquartered in Amman, Jordan with a branch office in Texas (TX), USA. This project was a study of the mapping of Anbar governorate investments in Iraq. The client was Anbar Investment Commission (A.I.C). My task on the project was to research the market for potential investment opportunities in that particular region and provide financial consultation in terms of a prefeasibility study for a total of 51 projects.


Quality Control

2014 - 2014

IMIC is an international company headquartered in Amman, Jordan with a branch office in Texas (TX), USA. This project was based in Libya which is considered one of the largest third world countries in Africa. The company IMIC was the sole company responsible for the development of the third generation urban planning of one of three province that included large cities like Ajdabiya. My role in this project was to ensure the integrity of the three reports each of which consisted of 700 pages in terms of data entry, data accuracy, quality control checks, and graphics.


Website Analysis

2012 - 2012

URSubmitter is a software that was created to help wesbite that wanted to gain more links by submitting to online directories speed up the process by automating it, instead of manually submitting to thousands of different directories. My role with software was going through all of the listed directory links one by one and making sure they were all active and acurate. Making certain that all of the links were 100% real and active. Giving this software a high percent accuracy and honesty.


Affiliate Market Research

2011 - 2012

This project focused on targeting the financial sector in the Middle East and North Africa region by building a network of 19 mini-sites for the sole purpose of generating leads. The company targeted 19 different countries only using organic and local traffic. These sites ranked at the number one spot of search result on Google for 16 of these sites, and the top 3 of the first page for the other 3 mini-sites. My task on this project entailed, building the network, providing unique content, and conversion optimization.

Prince George’s Community College

TA & Developmental Math Tutor

2009 - 2011

I provided tutoring service for college students that did not meet the college level math course requirements, as well as was a teacher assistant for math professors. I would manage a class one to two times a week providing assistance with any questions they had with college level math courses.


Social Media Reputation Management

2010 - 2010

I provided unique real life Facebook fans and Twitter followers to anyone that was looking to enhance social profile. As well as managed accounts for businesses and public profiles to ensure only quality content and followers/fans were on their profiles giving them a positive image.


University of Maryland, Smith School of Business

Bachelor Degree, International Business
2009 - 2011

Prince George’s Community College Largo, MD

Associate Degree, Business Management
2008 - 2009

Additional Education
and Certificates.

Google AdWords / Bing Ads
Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools

My Skills

Personal Skills

  • Entrepreneurship personality
  • Flexible
  • Interpersonal
  • Organizational Skills
  • Reliable
  • Business Management
  • Positive Work Ethic
  • Great Communicator
  • Deadline Oriented
  • Responsible
  • Multitasking
  • Proficient in Microsoft Windows








Professional Skills

  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • PPC Campaigns Management
  • Local Search Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Expert
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliates Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Software Knowledge

Google Adwords / Bing Ads
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Bing Webmaster Tools
HTML & WordPress (CMS)
Adobe Photoshop

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