Baltimore, Maryland (MD)

Baltimore founded in 1729, is the largest city in the state of Maryland, with a total area of 92.1 square miles. Its population is over 2.7 million people. Since Baltimore, MD isn’t a part of any county in Maryland it is considered the largest independent city in the United States of America. It is located in the north center of Maryland on the Patapsco River.

Based on the 2010 census Baltimore’s population is made up of 29.6% white, 63.7% black, 2.3% Asian, and 0.4% American Indian. Languages that are widespread in Baltimore consist mostly of English, Spanish, and African languages.

This city has the second largest harbor in the Mid Atlantic. In the past this seaport was considered one of the leading ports in manufacturing in the United States of America. Baltimore was known for manufacturing, shipping, transportation, and steel processing. However, now Baltimore is more known as a service city.

Baltimore is now rapidly growing within the service area becoming a home to many tech companies in particular. There is also an increase in the fields of science, engineering, and math which may be due to the many higher education institutes in the area.

Baltimore has been a home companies and institutions that are known around the world like The World Trade Center Baltimore, John Hopkins Hospital, the companies Under Armour, Cordish, Legg Mason, T.Rowe Price as well as nonprofits like Catholic Relief Services and Lutheran Services in America.

This city is also home to many to many famous people like the baseball player Babe Ruth, write Edgar Allan Poe, musician James Blake and Billie Holiday, and actor John Waters.

Since Baltimore is a historic city with different architecture for different eras it is a tourist destination attracting people from all around the states and world.

SEO in Baltimore Maryland (MD):

With the shift of Baltimore from an industrial city to a service city. There has been a rise in companies and corporations in downtown Baltimore. This is especially true when we are talking about Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Pay-Per-Click Campaign management companies. Many tech companies have become more attracted to the Baltimore area giving rise to competition in the digital marketing field.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very competitive domain with different services provided and competitive pricing.

To truly understand which company is best suited for you and your needs, you first need to understand what SEO or search Engine Optimization is.

Search Engine Optimization is organically increasing your websites ranking in major search engines sealing your websites placement in the top pages of Google and Bing.

By utilizing SEO you give your website a unique edge gaining you or your company a larger market share in this competitive space. Some of the advantage of Search Engine Optimization include:

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Measuring how much of an impact Search Engine Optimization can have on your website makes you wonder why you haven’t invested in this before?

You may think this is too good to be true. This is where choosing the best marketing firm comes in. Some companies will guarantee your placement in the first page of search engine in just a couple of day. Beware these companies may use black hat (unauthentic) SEO methods that will end up penalizing your website instead of helping your rankings.

SEO is not a fast one time investment that gives you immediate results. It’s a process in which your website gradually increases its ranking over times. Giving your website slow and stable growth. With time you will surely find your website competing with the biggest websites or companies out there in your market niche. This goes back to choosing the right marketing company for you.

Hiring a digital marketing agency for such a long term investment might quickly become costly and exceed your budget limit. Some may choose to opt for a professional freelance consultant on contract basis for this reason. Independent contractors in Baltimore offer the same services, for a lower fee.

When you decide to transition from B2B (business to business) to one on one, you will get the most personalized experience with the most benefits, for a price that is likely 50% lower than agencies and corporations providing the same services.

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