Facts About the State of Maryland

Maryland is a state located in the United States bordered by Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington Dc, from the south and west, Pennsylvania from the North, and Delaware from the east.

Maryland’s area is 12,406 square mile with a population of 6,006,401. It is considered one of the smallest states of all 50 states. Maryland is one of two state that gave up some of its land to help build the state Washington DC.

The capital of Maryland is Annapolis which is still to this day considered the sailing capital of the world. Maryland is made up of 24 counties with Montgomery County, Prince George’s county, Baltimore County, and Anne Arundel County as the largest of all 24. The largest cites in Maryland are Baltimore, Frederick, Rockville, and Gaithersburg.

MD which is nicknamed by Little America since it encompasses almost every kind of terrain on its ground has around 50 rivers, creeks, lakes, and ponds with the Chesapeake Bay as its largest body of water. For this reason agriculture and commercial fishing play a huge role in Maryland’s economy. It is known for its blue crabs and soft oysters.

Its population is mostly located in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area, with most of its inhabitants of the Catholic Church religion.

The second most spoken language after English is Spanish. The state sport is jousting. The household median of this state is considered one of the wealthiest in the country. With a state unemployment rate of 5.5% as of 2014.

The education sector in Maryland is very prominent. With several historic private colleges and universities having been established since the early 1800’s. This state is known for its education being the home to Johns Hopkins University.

The state of Maryland has a lot to offer, from its range of different environments, educational system, and tourist attractions.

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Silver Spring
  • Silver Spring is a city located in Montgomery County in the state of Maryland. It has a population of around 77,000 people making it the fourth most populated city in this state.
  • Laurel is a city located in Prince George’s county in the state of Maryland. The population of Laurel is approximately 25,000 people. Laurel was originally a mill town.